Award-Winning Personalized Educational Storybooks to Encourage Kids in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math

CuSTEMized is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to STEM education and outreach.

Our Creations

My Little Book Of Big Dreams personalized for Tara

Your Little Book Of Big Dreams

An empowering bed time story featuring your child in different STEM careers! With inspiration from this award-winning book, what big dreams will your child dream up tonight?

Your Scientific Name

What scientific careers do the letters of your child's name represent? Take her on a journey where she meets and learn about different science careers from real scientist role models!

My Scientific Name personalized for Kaitlyn

My STEM Spark

Your STEM Spark NEW!

Has your child ever found a spark of interest for science, math or related fields? Take your child on a journey with a girl who travels the world. She meets real scientists and finds a spark all her own!

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Engage, Encourage, Empower

Just For You

With a little computer science and magic, ours stories change based your child's name, gender, and appearance. Make your special book in minutes!

Pay It Forward

Buy one, give one! When you purchase a hardcover book, you help us provide a free personalized book to classrooms of girls and families from underserved communities.

By Scientist for Scientists

Founded by a woman in STEM, we want to share our love for STEM with the next generation. Our books are written by real scientists to inspire future scientists.

Made in the USA. All proceeds to support girls in STEM.

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Vision and Mission

Classrooms of books made possible by you!

CuSTEMized provides STEM-themed products personalized to feature your child in order to help foster a positive STEM identity from a young age. Run by small team of volunteer scientists, social activists, and students, we operate on a non-profit model where all proceeds from sales are reinvested towards our non-profit mission.


Collaboration with Science Club for Girls

Your donations and book purchases help provide free personalized books to classrooms of girls and families from underserved communities.

We partner with organizations such as Science Club for Girls and The Innovation Institute as well as teachers.


Coloring with CuSTEMized event

Your donations and book purchases fund our education and outreach events to share our love and excitement for STEM through hands-on learning activities!

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