Help and FAQs

For questions and general curiosities, please consult the following set of frequently asked questions and answers. If your question is not answered and/or your curiosity is not satisfied, please ask us!


Can I include my daughter's middle and/or last name in the Name?
Yes! We do recommend using first names only for aesthetic purposes, but we can accomodate middle and/or last names, provided they are within the character limit.
Why is there a character limit for the Name? My daughter's name is longer than the limit. What can I do?
To ensure that all text will fit properly, be readable, and look good in your CuSTEMized goodies, we have set certain character limitations for the Name. At times, font-size will be decreased to accomodate longer names. But there is a limit! If your daughter's name is longer than the character limit, we recommend using a shorter nickname for longer first names, omitting the last name if you have used one, using a last initial if you must, omitting the middle name if you have used one, using a middle initial if you must, or using just initials.
My daughter's name has accented letters and/or other special characters in it. Can I use these in the Name?
That depends! The font we are using to create your CuSTEMized goodies is called Patrick Hand. The font supports all basic latin characters as well as most of the latin extended ones. So if your accented letters and/or other special characters are among those included, then yes! If not, unfortunately, you will not be able to use them. We also do not allow code-like characters due to security reasons so we are unable to support symbol decorated names.
My daughter has a hairstyle and/or facial feature, etc, that is not available. How can I make the avatar look more like her?
Please contact us! We may not be able to provide these hairstyles and/or facial features, etc, right away, but we will add them to the queue of hairstyles and/or facial features, etc, that we hope to develop and make available in the future.


Is there a way to speed up the downloading?
Unfortunately, not really. The generated e-book, in particular, has many pictures, resulting in a very big file. However, you can navigate away from the page and your book will still be generating on our servers! We will send you an email once the book is done generating.


I can't afford to cover the costs for a hardcover copy of my CuSTEMized book. How can I get one?
No worries! Just apply through our See It To Be It Program and we will ship you a CuSTEMized book for free! Thanks to the generous support from donors, we do have a small book fund in place so that parents who cannot afford these expenses can still get a spiral-bound book.
How much does it cost to print a CuSTEMized hard copy book?
We ask for donations in order to cover the costs of printing, packaging, and shipping each CuSTEMized book. This cost includes manufacturing, packaging, shipping, and tracking. As a part of CuSTEMized's practices in transparency and accountability, feel free to contact us for a detailed break down of current materials cost.
Why does my CuSTEMized book cost more than a typical children's book?
Because each book is CuSTEMized and unique, we unfortunately do not get any discounts from printing services by printing in bulk. Through negotiations with multiple printing services, these are the best prices we can offer at the moment.
Can I download my CuSTEMized e-book and print the book myself?
Of course! For best results, we do recommend ordering a book through us or alternatively a professional self-publishing service. If you're printing at home, we recommend printing on 8.5"x11" heavy stock or double-sided photo paper. Depending on your printer, borderless printing may cause certain important text and/or graphics to be cut off. So for best results at home, we recommend printing with a margin and cutting to size.


How long does shipping take?
Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for delivery for books. Before your CuSTEMized book is shipped, our dedicated team of volunteers takes time to process your order, coordinate with our printing service to produce your unique book, inspect your book, reorder if necessary, package your final product, and then send it on its way. This time is included in the estimated shipping time.
I need my CuSTEMized book right away! Is there next day delivery?
No. Because each book is CuSTEMized and unique, we print each book individually every time a book is ordered. Printing, alone, generally takes 5 to 10 days. We may be able to offer more expedited shipping options in the future.
Is there international shipping?
Yes. However, please allow an additional 2 to 4 weeks for international shipping.


Where does my donation go?
Donations go towards (1) technology such as servers, bandwidth, maintenance, software and web development, (2) projects such as development of new goodies, (3) outreach, and (4) the book fund to help cover costs for parents who may not be able to afford a hardcover CuSTEMized book. If you would like your donation to be allocated to any particular purpose, please leave us a message when you make your donation or contact us.
Can I donate to the book fund to help those who are not be able to afford a CuSTEMized book get a copy?
Yes! Just leave a message when you make your donation or contact us and we will be happy to allocate your donation directly to the book fund.


Are there any volunteer opportunities. How can I get involved?
Yes! Please check our Volunteer page for a list of current openings. If you don't see a position you like but would still like to get involved, just contact us with your ideas and we will do our best to meet your interests!
I am interested in one of the Volunteer positions. Can I get paid?
All positions are on a volunteer basis and are not paid. This allows us to maximize the amount of money from donations that goes directly into furthering our mission. In this same spirit, neither the founder nor any of the CuSTEMized team members are paid. We understand that many of our volunteer positions require a substantial commitment of time, much like a job. We hope that the experience you gain from volunteering will be sufficiently valuable. We may be able to reimburse you for costs incurred while volunteering such as travel. We will be happy to provide recommendation letters to volunteers who are applying for jobs in the future.


I'm getting an error when I try to download. What can I do?
Try using a different browser. We recommend Firefox or Chrome. Or refresh your browser and try again. If the error persists, please contact us with a description and/or screenshot of the error encountered. You may have discovered a bug!