My STEM Spark

Has your child ever found a spark of interest for science, math or related fields? Take your child on a journey with a girl who travels the world. She meets real scientists and finds a spark all her own!

CuSTEMized is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to STEM education and outreach.

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Poetric retellings of childhood experiences from real scientists brought to life!

Real scientists give you a peak into what sparked their interests in STEM when they were kids. Exploring their stories may lead you to discover your own interests, perhaps even in STEM!

Meet the Author

Meet the creator behind My STEM Spark

Kimberlyn Bailey

Raised and educated in the United States, Kimberlyn saw and experienced the gender gap in STEM fields. Hoping to bridge this gap, she went to Europe on a Fulbright Scholarship to learn more about what it mean to be a woman in STEM in other countries. Through her studies and interviews of real women in STEM in Europe, Kimberlyn noticed one unifying theme rung true across both continents: STEM careers benefited from sustained interests that were often, but not always, sparked as a young child. On that basis, Kimberlyn and the CuSTEMized team set out to vivify the childhood sparks of the women she interviewed in storybook form.

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