Oana Livia Apostu is a Computer Programmer

Born in Romania, daughter of two computer scientists fond of reading, Oana Livia Apostu spent all her childhood around books and computers. She took an early interest in programming and was always curious to know how things are done and how come such a small box can contain such a magical universe. Studying computer science was thus the natural choice for her. After two years at the University of Bucarest, she left for France, where she continued her quest for understanding and mastering the amazing box with a screen. One day she discovered that computers can be used to create beautiful images and hopping bunnies with pink fur. So she pursued a PhD in computer graphics and animation, using 5D equations to calculate how much light is needed to make the hopping pink bunnies shine and glow. Her discoveries may one day be used in computer games, movies, and in helping architects correctly light theater and conference halls. Today, she is working towards building her own computer programming business, while taking care of her (future scientist ?) little baby girl.

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