Heather Mumford is a Library Scientist

Heather Mumford was born and raised in Purdys, New York and was always a super curious kid! She enjoyed reading and learning about many different things, ranging from ecology to animal behavior to music and creative writing. Heather attended Simmons College where she earned a Masters in Library and Information Science with a concentration in Archives Management. As an information professional, Heather realized she no longer needed to focus on a single interest—she now had the freedom to explore and create better access to all types of information, and then to relate this information to communities. As a library scientist, specifically a public health archivist, at the Center for the History of Medicine, Heather works with faculty and administrators to investigate and disseminate significant achievements in public health to a global community of researchers, practitioners, and activists. As an active member of a team of information professionals at the Center for the History of Medicine, Heather participates in conversations to address the struggle to preserve and create access to digital information, and to pave the way for re-purposing historic data for modern research studies.

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