Gaye Angela Ohanesian is a Transmission Engineer

Gaye Angela Ohanesian is a transmission line engineer and current director of gopower inc. She was previously a transmission line engineer with NSTAR, now Eversource, the largest utility in the northeast. She was responsible for about 900 miles of overhead power lines and 250 miles of underground power lines! Gaye works with a team of engineers to design the structures that support the high voltage power lines that allow electricity to be carried from the power generating plant to your home. As a transmission engineer, Gaye needs to think of all aspects of the power line design from the ground up. She checks that the ground is strong enough to support the foundation and that the structure is strong enough to support the lines. The structures must handle different climates and seasons, from hurricane winds, to blizzard snow and ice, to wildfires and floods! It's all connected and designed to work together!

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