Natasha Ginzburg is an Urologist

Natasha Ginzburg was born in Moscow, Russia and immigrated to the USA as a child. She went to college at Brandeis University, where she double majored in Biology and Sociology because she loved learning about both science and people. She went to medical school at Drexel University and fell in love with the field of Urology. Now she works as a urologist at State University of New York Upstate Medical University. Natasha realized that in a surgical field like urology, she could discover patients' diagnosis, new tools to treat them, and could use her hands to cure some of their problems. Urologists are surgeons that operate on the kidneys, bladder and urethra. Sometimes that involves using traditional surgical tools like scalpels, but for certain conditions, they use lasers, miniature cameras and robots to help with the surgery! Urologists help patients with a large variety of conditions, including kidney stone removal, removal of cancerous tissues along the urinary tract, and helping people urinate. Natasha has a special interest in female urology. This is surgery of the urinary system specifically for women. It makes Natasha so happy when her patients feel better after treatment for their conditions!

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