Jean Fan is a Website Developer

Born in China, Jean Fan spend most of her younger years eating sugar cane and squishing grasshoppers before immigrating to the United States with her parents when she was 5 years old. Jean started making websites in middle school because she wanted to have an online profile to showcase her drawings and poetry. Back then, in order to put anything online, you had to know how to code! So Jean taught herself to code so she could make an awesome website adorned with flaming text, glittery backgrounds, and fun music. Jean eventually went on to study computer science and programming in school. She is currently pursuing her PhD at Harvard University in bioinformatics, a field that combines computer science, biology, and math, to solve health problems. Jean also teaches computer science to 5th graders on weekends because she believes coding to be a very useful and empowering skill! Jean stills enjoys making websites and spends her free time developing the website for

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