Steph Guerra is Journalist

Born and raised in Philadelphia, Steph Guerra was always playing make-believe and directing musical productions with her siblings as her actors. Steph also loved learning about how the human body fights off disease and hoped one day to join the body in battle by working in medical research. No matter where her science has taken her, from studying sea urchins to newborn babies to cancer cells, her favorite part has been sharing and explaining her work with non-scientists. Now a cancer biologist at Harvard, Steph has merged her true love for performance and the sciences by pursuing the field of science communication. Science communication involves bridging the communication gap between scientists and non-scientists by delivering both accurate and entertaining information to the public. Science communication comes in a variety of flavors including journalism, podcasting, lecturing, and even social events! Steph works hard to offer scientific knowledge to the public by directing Harvard's oldest science outreach group, Science in the News. Communicating science to the public is so much more than journalism—it has become a multimedia extravaganza! Steph loves spending her time outside of lab figuring out more creative ways to spread scientific knowledge to anyone that will listen.

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