Kim Schenkeveld is a Kinesiologist

Kim Schenkeveld is from the Netherlands. She studied medicine in Leiden and got her degree in 2009. From 2009 untill 2013, Kim studied rehabilitation medicine in Amsterdam. Ever since the beginning of her medical career, Kim was interested in rehabilitation and physical medicine because she wanted to help people be more independent. Kim has dyslexia, which made reading very difficult for her. But she tried very hard and succeeded so now now she can be a good doctor! Kim often treats people after a life-interfearing medical problem. For example, some patients she regularly sees are people after stroke (a part of the brain does not work anymore because of not having any blood supply) or amputation of the leg or arm. She also sees children who have difficulty walking or developing other skills. In addition to her job, Kim enjoys spending time with her husband, sports, and taking care of her two kids!

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